Your Current Mindset Will Lead You Forward

Remember when we got to leave the house and ….. do stuff?

Ahh, the good old days!

This pandemic isn’t just changing the way we act now…’s society changing forever.

Will you ever be in restaurant and view someone sneezing or coughing in the same way?

Will you ever really WANT to stand next to someone or HUG people again the way you used to?

What happens the next time this happens? A rumor of a new virus coming out of China, Africa, or anywhere else in the world? Are are going to immediately shut everything down and go into hiding?

We actually might do just that. The mindset you have developed because of COVID-19 might continue to infect you in the future, when this happens again.

But should it?

The mindset you develop during these times will be duplicated again and again.

Do you want that mindset to become a virus or a remedy?

Are you going to evolve into scarcity? Powerlessness? Fear?

Or something different…

How about evolving your mindset into something different than what the media wants it to be? The news wants you watching their broadcasts, reading their sites, focusing on fear, and watching their commercials.

How about you turn off the virus that is the news? It’s probably worse for you than Coronavirus anyways.

Why don’t you take the opportunity this time has presented you?

How about learning something?

Maybe rediscover yourself and what you want.

Redefine your spiritual connection.

Reset your business, your marketing, and your goals.

Take this time as an opportunity to grow yourself mentally.

This is a test my friends. A test like we haven’t faced in generations. Its a test of what you will do the next time it happens.