This One Action (that takes ZERO skill) Will Improve Your Sales

I was in a Facebook group the other day and saw a posting from a woman asking for help.

She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t converting prospects into paying customers. She was selling health and nutrition products. I went to her page and looked at her posts and products. The products looked pretty good. She had testimonials and things seemed fairly priced.

Then I spotted the problem….

I replied to her post and told her she needed a call to action. I told her to just say “if you’re interested in losing weight, feeling and looking better. what I like you to do is click here to order”.

No sooner had I posted my reply when another person commented that I “shouldn’t give her that advice because I don’t know her skill level”.

Don’t know her skill level? What fricking skill? That takes ZERO skill!

If you think it takes any type of skill whatsoever to say give a simple call to action like “if this (situation), I’d like you to (do this) then I guess you also think it takes skill to grow hair, create saliva and digest food.

A call to action takes NO SKILL AT ALL!

I work with contractors. They often times have problems getting their employees to offer and sell options to their customers. As I teach them, it just starts with a simple call to action.

Technician: “Are you interested in having lower utility bills when your furnace or air conditioner is operating?”

Homeowner: “Well, yes I am”

Technician: “Great. Can you check your schedule and see what a good time is for us to return and give you some options to lower those bills?”

That took no skill and if done on every service call it will produce additional leads and sales.

…and since the last thing I want to do is not follow my own advice….

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