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I can’t find any good employees!

In case you haven’t noticed the growth of our economy has been on a roll the last few years. That’s actually an understatement, the economy is on fire. Unemployment rates are at record lows. New businesses are springing up right and left and it seems anyone who wants a job and can fog a mirror can get one. But there is one big, giant, HUGE problem. 

The talent pool of qualified people has dwindled to almost nothing. Business owners have a big problem and I’m seeing it everywhere.

They can’t find good people to hire for their business.

Look, here’s the cold hard truth…you can’t find qualified people for your business because your business doesn’t deserve them. Yep, I said it. Your business image sucks so the applicants you get suck. Like attracts like. 

I’m not saying you don’t have a good business. 

I’m not saying your business doesn’t make money. 

I’m not saying you aren’t a good person. 

I’m telling you this….. when qualified people that you’d love to hire look at your business from the outside they aren’t liking what they see. There are plenty of qualified people out there and some aren’t satisfied with what they are doing. You need to do something different to attract them to YOUR business.

I’m not talking about your yelp or google reviews. 

I’m talking about what your company offers (or posts) to attract elite people. In the labor market that we are in today you need to do more than offer a wage and paid vacation. You need to offer things that your competitors aren’t. 

When my clients have an employee problem we go in depth on the subject of company image and culture. I help them to create the environment and systems to attract the best possible people into their business, and more importantly, repel the ones they wouldn’t want to hire.

If you’re struggling finding good employees for your business start with your company vision. 

Most business don’t have a company vision which would put you at an advantage and attract employees that WANT to do a terrific job for you and your customers.

But Dennis, “My company name says I’m a landscaper. People should know what I do”

I’m not talking about what you do! I’m speaking about who you are! What does your company stand for? Who do you want to work with? What is your company commitment to your employees, vendors and the community?

All this goes into a company vision, and it means something. It’s what you put on your company Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. It’s what you scream from the highest mountain. It’s what the market you service and the people you want to hire notice first. Quality employees don’t just want a paycheck, they want to know they are part of something.

Look, in the workplace today you have to compete with your competitors for customers AND employees. You need to offer more than a steady paycheck to get a qualified person to come to work for you. You need the complete package and that starts with a company vision.