Stop Telling Me To Stop Working!

I have something to say on a subject that, well, pisses me off!

Have you ever noticed when you are busting your butt building a business there are those people out there that start giving you their opinion on how hard you work?

“You shouldn’t work so hard”

“You need to take a break”

“Work isn’t everything”

Now I’m not saying that someone should work 100 hours a week and never sleep but since when did it become so horrible to put in a little work in the evening or on the weekends? I mean, if you enjoy what you do why not work?

I think it’s because of that word, “work”. People who hate their job think everybody hates their job. They probably don’t understand that some of us do like what we do for a living.

Here is the thing, if you like what you do, do it whenever you can and whenever you want.

If you’d rather work than say, watch TV, good for you!

Guess what I’m doing today? I’m working during the day and even some tonight.


Because I love it!