It cleans the air! Everybody knows that!!

“It cleans the air Dennis! Everybody knows that!!” explained my frustrated client.

Let me backtrack for a second….

My client (a heating and cooling contractor) had a problem. He had plenty of leads, that wasn’t the issue. He also was selling air conditioners right and left this summer.

The problem was he was ONLY selling air conditioners. He was having a tough time selling some of the other options he offered. As a result, the excuses started….

People don’t want options.

Options are too expensive.

My pricing from my supplier sucks.

People want something for nothing

My competition is giving stuff away.

And so on….

I asked my client to give me an example of how he offers the options to a prospect. We went with a common option, an electronic air cleaner.

“Well, I tell them I can also install an air cleaner if they are interested. I also show them a brochure and tell them how much the air cleaner will cost” he said.

“And what do they say to that?” I asked.

“They tell me they will think about it or that it’s too expensive”

“Ok. What’s too expensive” I asked digging a bit deeper.

“The air cleaner” my client answered getting a bit irritated.

“What does the air cleaner do for them?

“It cleans the air Dennis! Everybody knows that!!

“Thats why you aren’t selling any of them” I said. “You aren’t solving the problem.”

I then helped my client understand that homeowners don’t buy air cleaners or “clean air”. They don’t think they have a “clean air” problem.

“What problem can your air cleaner solve for them?” I inquired.

“It helps eliminate dust, pet dander, viruses in the air, and allergies” he answered.

“On your next sales call why don’t you see if your prospect has any of those problems and then offer to help solve those problems” I offered.

Bingo, he is selling electronic air cleaners now!

No matter what your product or service consists of people won’t buy from you until they realize you can solve a problem in their life. You have to ask questions and uncover the problem BEFORE you offer the solution.

And people might not realize they have the problem you’re solving. You need to know your prospects better than they know themselves.

Whatever product or service you’re offering you need to FIRST brainstorm every problem you are solving and THEN market the RESULT that you product will get your customer.

No problem, no sale.

Big problem, big sale.

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