Business Lessons From Steven Seagal

I don’t do it very often but occasionally when I want to “turn off” my brain and enjoy some aimless (stupid) television it usually ends up being a cheesy 80’s or 90’s action movie.

At least I admit it!

Hey, you can judge me if you want but an evening with Arnold, Sly, Jean-Claude, or Steven Seagal can be liberating. (I can hear the judging happening right now…)

As cheesy as these movies can be, there are lessons to be learned…..even business lessons.

In the 1995 movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Steven Seagal plays Casey Ryback, a stud former Navy Seal counter terrorism expert. In one scene he is shot in the shoulder and falls off a moving train and is presumed dead.

You ever notice in action movies people always manage to destroy invincible cyborg Terminator’s and aliens with superior technology but nobody can figure out how to kill normal human characters John Rambo or any character Seagal plays?

In fact Seagal never even gets dirty….but that’s another story.

One of the lower level bad guys in the movie reports to the evil mercenary leader Marcus Penn that Ryback is dead. He was shot and fell off the train. Penn asks if he actually saw the dead body. Bad guy Jr. answers that he didn’t see the body, he just assumed, to which Penn responds…

“Assumption is the mother of all F— Ups!”

Businesses lose thousands each year due to assumption. I hear this ALL THE TIME from my clients.

“The customers in my town  can’t afford an expensive modulating furnace”

“Customers want basic air conditioners, not deluxe units”

“People don’t want to pay for indoor air quality options”

“People are cheap and want me to fix the broken unit. They won’t be interested in a new one”

“They have a junky car in their garage, that means they don’t have any money”

These are all assumptions. Having a preconceived notion of what a prospect does or doesn’t want BEFORE you even start your sales call is a massive mistake.

The fact is, people WILL buy upgraded products and services IF THOSE THINGS ARE OFFERED.

Frankly, it offends me if people DON’T offer me options. I want to be shown the best products and services businesses have to offer.

Put away your assumptions and offer your upgraded products, options and services to EVERY prospect you meet. I guarantee you it will pay off.

Oh, and Casey Ryback killed all the bad guys, saved his niece, didn’t bleed (even though he was shot) and none of his clothes got dirty or ripped.

God Bless action movies.