Contractors have it tough these days. Everybody wants something from them. 

EMPLOYEES: Because of a lack of qualified labor employees are lazy and hold the contractor hostage. Ever feel like you wish you could get rid of bad employees but then you’d be stuck doing everything yourself?

MARKETING PEOPLE: Don’t know where or how to market online or offline and all the marketing people that call you claim to have the solution? 

VENDORS and SUPPLIERS: Have you ever noticed suppliers claim to want to help you build your business but every 2-3 months you get another price increase that the market doesn’t allow you to pass on to your customers?

YOUR CUSTOMER: Ever feel like you’re in a battle with the very people that buy from you? Bad reviews you didn’t deserve? Good reviews they won’t post? Something you didn’t do you get blamed for like “you changed my furnace last week and now my microwave won’t work. Come fix it.”


My goal is simple….To be the one person that 100% has my contractor clients back. 

I’ve worked with small, mid-sized and large contractors for 20 years. Over that time I’ve grown more and more frustrated with everybody wanting something from the contractor and nobody really helping them. 

Nobody shows them a way to once and for all fix the “employee problem”. Instead it’s just a turnstile of employees in and employees out. There is a way to fix this and get the best and highest quality talent. 

Nobody tells contractors the truth about marketing, sales and conversions. There are ways to advertise and get leads that are totally free. There are ways to convert leads into sales that don’t involve manipulation or being pushy.

Nobody teaches contractors the way to properly work with a supplier to get the best possible price and create a relationship that isn’t adversarial. 

Nobody actually teaches contractors how to avoid being perceived as a “con” and protect them selves from bad reviews. Contractors are in defense mode instead of being shown how to protect their reputation. 

My Leads, Clients, Results Program for contractors is perfectly positioned to help owners realize their dream of having a successful business without dealing with all the manipulation, lies, and headaches. 


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